Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bonfire (poem)

This poem might have best served in November but I wrote it a long time ago and came across it today. I had mentioned "fire fairies" with someone on Twitter not long ago so thought I would post this poem. Hope anyone who reads it enjoys it and would welcome any comments:


The fire fairies dance
among glowing embers
that flicker hypnotically
on icy winter grounds.
They dance toward the sky
lighting upward layers
of bitter, cold air
which traps all sound
As they climb and climb
they start to disappear
and the ground
returns to dampness
The flickering gone
I am left alone

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Invader (a poem)


The stairs creaked and my body shivered
In a night so dark
and horridly silent
but for this creak, creak, creaking sound.
Who is there?
No reply
No sound
But for the creak, creak, creaking of the stairs
Please do not harm me
I have nothing to take
Leave this house and me in peace
Still the stairs creaked and creaked
Hysterical now, I start to scream
Leave me in peace!
Take all that you want
and all you desire
Creak, creak, creaking of the relentless pursuer
As the creaking stopped
A sudden howl was heard
from the owl perched on the silver struck tree
Shadow at the bottom of the door
This is it
As the door slides open
Blinding light pierced in
But nothing
was there